Q. What’s a typical session like?
A. In our first meeting you’ll be asked to fill out an intake form. We’ll go over this form to assure there aren’t any contraindications to Rolfing and that I feel that I can honestly accept your money for my work with you. After this I’ll view your body to decide on a strategy for Rolfing, I’ll do this body “reading” each session. During this time you are in your underwear or a bathing suit, running shorts… You’ll lie down on a Rolfing table or sit on a bench while I work with you.
Q. How will I be dressed?
A. For Rolfing underwear, bathing suit (two piece), running shorts/bra… In general the more skin I can get to the better. For Craniosacral you’ll be wearing your normal loose fitting street clothes.
Q. How often are the sessions?
A . The sessions are scheduled once per week. There are exceptions that can be made to this on a case by case basis. Craniosacral we’ll determine when we first meet.
Q. Can I work out afterwards?
A . Yes, in fact I want you to use your body to get used to the new options for movement. I caution athlete’s that they shouldn’t get Rolfed within a week of an event they are competing in, since they will tend to resort to their old movement habits for the event.
Q. How long does Rolfing last?
A . This is a hard question to answer. I think the fairest response is that it will last as long as it takes for a movement pattern to take back over. In other words if you have a pattern that was caused by falling off your bike when you were 10 years old that pattern will not likely be back. However, if you have a pattern that is caused by slouching at your computer all day then you can very well undo the Rolfing. This is why I suggest that you work with a functional modality like Feldenkreis after being Rolfed. Q. Can Rolfing help my headache, backpain or other …?
A. Yes as long as the pain is coming from a fascial imbalance. The best place to determine this is with you medical doctor or chiropractor. If it is going to help, you should know within 3 sessions. If I don’t feel that working together will help you I won’t work with you. There are many possible benefits Rolfing has to offer and sometimes the pain you are having may disappear. It’s important that you’re the one determining that it is worth continuing.

Q. What is the cost of a session and how long are they?

A. The cost of a session is $140 with discounts for seniors and fulltime students. The time is variable from 1 to 1.25 hours.