Rolfing is the name for the original system of body work developed by Dr. Ida P. Rolf. Rolfing can and does make dramatic changes in a person’s physical structure. Rolfing has an unequaled and unprecedented ability to dramatically alter a person’s posture and structure. Professional athletes, dancers, children, business people and people from all walks of life have benefited from Rolfing. People seek Rolfing as a way to ease pain and chronic stress, and improve performance in their professional and daily activities. It’s estimated that more than 1 million people have received Rolfing work.

Jim was first Certified as a Basic Rolfer in 1994. He met the continuing education requirements and went on for his Advanced Training in 1997 after one of his Rolfing Instructors having received a “session” from him suggested he was ready to move on.

Jim is one of eight practitioners in the State of Colorado to have taken the Structural Integration Board Exams and maintaining the continuing education requirements to maintain the designation, Board Certified in Structural Integration.

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Besides being an Advanced Rolfer Jim is also the Founder and Head Coach at Integral CrossFit. Along with his numerous CrossFit Coaching Certifications he is a USA Weightlifting Advanced Performance and Club Coach. He is has a Coaching Certification through OPEXFIT CCP.

Jim offers the following personal training options through Integral CrossFit:

  • One on One training and program design.
  • One on One Weight Lifting instruction.
  • FasciAgility private training.
  • Rowing programming and instruction.
  • Endurance programming and instruction.

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The Structural Fitness program is a six week full body program. It includes:

  • Rolfing® Structural Integration Sessions
  • A Fitness Assessment
  • Personal Training to teach you exercises appropriate for your body and fitness level
  • Individual Fitness Design programs for you to perform
  • Nutrition Consultation and Design of meal plans

If you’re serious about getting better, we created this program for you. Find out more about Structural Fitness.





The type of Cranio-Sacral Therapy I practice was developed by an Osteopath Dr. Sills. It is a gentle monitoring of the movement of the cranial bones and a guiding them to synchronize with the rhythmic pumping of cerebral spinal fluid by the brain’s ventricles. The theory is pretty simple, the bones of the cranium have to move to accommodate the pressure of the cerebral spinal fluid and can be out of sync with this pumping due to any number of causes. The technique is very gentle, the practitioner’s touch is very light and following, allowing rather than trying to force a change.    You can schedule a CranioSacral Session here.


Proper Nutrition coupled with exercise is 400 times more effective than exercise alone at reducing weight. Our meal planning programs are designed for you and your needs. We work in consultation with you decide what foods you want to eat and balance them to best support your needs. We provide you with the over all plan, the recipes and the shopping list—sorry you have cook for yourself. Each daily plan includes three meals as well as snacks and fluid consumption suggestions. Book a consult here.

Fascial Movement Taping is the application of flexible tape to the fascial “lines” in support of your movement or recovery. We use RockTape Kinesiology tape in our practice. This tape has superior stickiness and a unique weave that works with the peripheral nervous system by applying a gentle traction.

This taping system is not a rigid athletic taping system.

Taping can be applied almost anywhere on the body. It is beneficial for:

  • Increased proprioception to increase performance and healing.
  • Support for a recovering body part–arm, shoulder, knee, ankle…
  • Edema reduction and control.
  • Peripheral nerve traction.

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We offer training for practitioners in the following:


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During my Basic Rolfing training in 1994 I developed a 5 session series for working with horses and dogs. I spent a year refining this series making changes to accommodate the structural and temperament differences between horses and dogs–prey vs predator, ability to sit. In 1997 during my Advanced training course, one of the instructors Tom Myers author of Anatomy Trains, suggested I needed to start teaching this method to other therapists. In 2007 I wrote a book on the Myofascial Release portion of the equine system and produced a DVD which demonstrated the methods used to work with dogs.

This work with animals is perhaps more profound that it is with humans, if only that animals are not confined by a highly developed neo-cortex that can reason away benefits. The animal’s nervous system is only interested in working at the most efficient level possible and an appropriately applied soft tissue intervention/release can have amazing effects.

If you have an animal that is not moving correctly, please start with a visit to your Veterinarian to rule out some disease state. Once you know that the problem is in the musculo-skeletal system it’s possible that I can help.

My Canine appointments are either at your “place” or in my Niwot Rolfing studio. My Equine appointments are either at my barn or yours. If I travel to you I charge a call fee to cover my time. You can make an appointment by texting, your best bet for a quick response, or calling 303-581-0530. You can also email me at [email protected]